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RKES Pty Ltd for the past 22 years has been providing Heat Exchanger Maintenance Services to the Industry, and as a result developed and implemented tube and surface cleaning, maintenance and NDT Inspections (Eddy Current) philosophies, techniques to suit all industries.

RKES provides heat exchanger high pressure cleaning (up to 1500bar pressure utilizing our fleet of 17 HP water jetting machines), maintenance and inspection partner to Heavy Industry throughout South Africa.

We specialize in hard-to-clean scale as well as sludge deposits, online maintenance, outage management and mechanical maintenance.

Therefore, we would like to be given the opportunity to offer our clients the following services:

- High Pressure water Jetting (up to 1500bar pressure) both for tubes, pipes as well as surface cleaning, including plant cleaning.

- NDT inspections of heat exchanger, strainers, pipework etc. utilizing Eddy Current NDT techniques.

- Perform minor maintenance activities, such as statutory pressure tests and strainer inspection and mechanical repairs, where necessary.

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Engineering Services
Industrial Cleaning
Maintenance services

Consulting to CED as well as Generation divisions of Eskom in the last 10 years on a number of Stations such as: Lethabo, Kriel, Matla, Arnot, Duvha as well RTS projects Grootvlei Power Station.


Consultation for power utilities in the field of Feed Heating and Condensing plants. Engineering Disciplines such as: Design, Manufacturing, NEC contracts,  Maintenance, Project and Outage Management.


Lifex projects - Eskom


RKES Pty Ltd fleet of cleaning equipment effectively remove coal spills in tunnels, belt lines and structures, fly ash deposits from air pre-heaters, hoppers, stacks, precipitators and ash collection points. High volume/high pressure pumps power multiple Hydro-blasting guns and lances when cleaning scrubbers, heat exchangers, cyclones and economisers. Proprietary 2D and 3D tooling achieve 360º of water jet coverage throughout the entire heat exchanger.

Providing repair services to low pressure industrial valves, such as butterfly valves


In-situ repairs of heat exchanger:


  • cleaning systems, such as Taprogge and Kolle.

  • Tube leak detection

  • Plugging of tubes

  • Manufacture of plugs

  • Re-expension of tubes

  • Tube replacement

  • Dummy tubes

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