With several hundred units in the field, the Ectane has become the most popular multi-technology test instrument on the market. It’s time for the next generation — Ectane 2.


The Ectane 2 test instrument is approximately 10 L (688 in3) in volume and weighs in at 6.8 kg (15 lb), making it about three times more compact than other legacy test instruments. The Ectane 2 is therefore easy to carry beyond being rugged. The instrument is also battery powered — 8 hours of autonomy eliminates the need for an external power source.


Non-destructive testing of tubing and surfaces relies on a number of techniques, which often depend on the application and the materials involved. Use the Ectane 2′s built-in capabilities with almost any combination of the following testing technologies, according to your needs:

  • Eddy current testing (ECT)

  • Eddy current array (ECA)

  • Remote-field testing (RFT)

  • Near-field testing (NFT)

  • Magnetic flux leakage (MFL)

  • Internal rotating inspection system (IRIS) ultrasonic testing


Whatever the technology, the Ectane 2 can drive it without external boxes or clumsy connections.

The Ectane 2 can also drive partial saturation ECT probes and magnetic bias ECT probes with its onboard current source, and RPC probes with its motor drive.


BootP has always proven to be extremely cryptic and notoriously difficult to use. The Ectane 2 is designed to be plugged into your network and simply work. There’s no longer any need for BootP, which means you can be up and running in next to no time.

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Pictures and text courtesy of Eddyfi