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RKES Pty Ltd Under New Ownership


Holding Company

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Amendment Act, 2013 (Act No. 46 of 2013

South African leading Industrial Cleaning, NDT Inspection and Maintenance Company

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RKES Pty Ltd Under New Ownership

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Heat Exchanger inspection
Eddy Current specialists
Mechanical Maintenance
Industrial Cleaning

NDT services to Power Generation, Petrochemical industry.


Eddy Current Inspections, Surface Crack analyses, Pipe Inspection – both visual as well NDT, Tube Pulling Services, Low and High Pressure Cleaning of heat exchanger tubes- surface preparation, condenser water flushing, re-tubing of heat exchanger.

In-situ repairs of:


  • Self cleaning heat exchanger units

  • Sacrificial anode systems

  • Heat exchangers re-tubing and re-expansion

  • Valves

  • Heat exchanger cleaning systems

  • Pump repairs

  • Pipework refurbishment

  • Gearboxes


High Pressure Hydro Cleaning/Jetting services.


Our High Pressure machines can handle up to 1200bar of water pressure and are suitable for vast variety of applications.

  • domestic

  • industrial

  • environmental

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